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case study

MidniteHour - Case Study

Client : The Pilates Workshop

The Pilates WorkshopBrief
The website was created as a portal and directory for Pilates Workshops, a popular and well established effective form of exercise.

The website represents accredited Pilates’ teachers, giving them the ability to promote their classes with details of each of teachers experience and knowledge along with their class types and locations. This enables the user on the internet the ability to find a teacher in their area. Each class listing gives the class location and map.

The website is prospected to have rapid growth as Pilates is a very popular form of exercise for a wide range of people. A requirement of being listed on the site is that the teacher must be qualified with the Body Control Pilates™ Association, this will enable the Pilates Worksop to create a community of like minded teachers that help and support each other with training and mentorship, sharing their knowledge and experience with their attendees.

The site was built with a fast search from the home page with the ability to refine the search by choosing to view a specific teachers schedule, workshop location or time – giving the user a flexible search system. Each teacher has a profile with their details and experience, on a rotational basis teachers are highlighted as the featured teacher on the site, where their profile is highlighted.

The user is able to search the full class listings on the site and contact the teacher via email to ask any questions or to book a specific class.

The site is supported by information pages about Pilates and TPW News announcing new classes, weekend retreats and special offers that may be available.

Content Management System
The website required a robust system to enable users to easily find Pilates Workshops in their area. A bespoke content management system was built to accommodate the requirement with the ability for the website administrator to easily create information about classes, edit existing class listing, add new teachers, class details, class locations and maps.

The Result

The website has an overall clean, current look and feel with easy to use functionality for the user to find general information about Pilates and also search the Classes database.

The website since launch is receiving excellent traffic and interest in all areas, the teachers listed on the site has increased monthly as well as a noticeable increase in class attendance.

The News area has been a successful way to announce promotions and new classes, creating a personalised interaction with the users and teachers.

Administration of the site and the content has been managed easily and successfully following the launch.

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